dsc_0164I am a mathematical biologist working at the University of Reading in a joint post between the Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (ICMR) and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

My route into academia is somewhat unconventional: having left school at sixteen; I qualified as an engineering apprentice before progressing into a career in I.T. While working full-time, I obtained my degree with the Open University and the pleasure I experienced doing this led me to take the step of undertaking a full-time PhD and seeking an academic career

My PhD topic was ‘Mathematical Models of Soft Tissue Injury Repair’ with particular emphasis on the processes of coagulation (the formation of blood clots) and inflammation. It was supervised by John King (University of Nottingham), Helen Byrne (University of Oxford) and Susan Franks (Health and Safety Laboratory). The biological themes of my PhD (Cardiovascular disease and Inflammation) form the focus of my ongoing  research.

While in Industry I worked as a Data Management Consultant and this early interest in data and technology has continued. I am really interested in how we can use experimental data alongside mathematical models to increase our understanding of biological processes. I love using new technology to enhance teaching, utilising Juypter Notebooks to teach a course on ‘Big Data’ and data analytics.